• cannabis money

    Marijuana and Banking

    State and federal laws for marijuana and hemp are changing, and these changes are often in conflict. This MBA seminar explores the issues facing bankers and the rapidly expanding marijuana industry.


  • Missouri Capitol

    MBA's 2019 Target Banker Visits

    The Target Banker Program is MBA’s chief grassroots lobbying activity in which bankers discuss issues directly with state representatives and senators. Through these Target Banker visits, MBA has a continuous presence at the Capitol throughout the session. 

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  • 2019 MBA Techonology Conference - Feb. 26-28 - Osage Beach

    MBA's 2019 Technology Conference

    Join us Feb. 26-28 in Osage Beach as we discover the latest developments and trends in information technology for the banking community.

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  • career compass

    MBA's 2019 Banking Schools

    Chart your course in banking! MBA's banking schools for bank management, compliance and lending will set you on the path to career success.

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  • combine harvest

    MBA's 2020 Scenes Of Missouri Photo Contest

    Calling all photographers! MBA is accepting photo submissions for its 2020 Scenes of Missouri calendar. The deadline to submit photos is Friday, May 31.

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  • Segs4Vets

    MBA Members Raise More Than $74,250 For Segs4Vets

    Banks’ Segs4Vets contribution will provide seven Segways for veterans who seek mobility and independence.

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  • light bulb connections

    MBA Associate Member Directory

    If your bank is looking for a vendor for its next project, discover how MBA's associate members can enhance your bank's services and operations.

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  • lightbulbs

    Let Us Show You The VEBA Advantage!

    MBA VEBA offers MBA members innovative health insurance products , including medical, dental, vision, life, cancer, long-term disability and more.

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  • February 26 2019
    Target Banker Program 02/26/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 26 2019
    Technology Conference 02/26/2019 - 02/28/2019 Tan-Tar-A Resort Add to Calendar
  • February 27 2019
    Target Banker Program 02/27/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 5 2019
    2019 School of Compliance 03/05/2019 - 03/08/2019 Courtyard By Marriott Compliance is one of the most crucial and consuming issues in the financial industry today. The regulatory agencies are making it clear through their examinations of banks that no institution can afford to be without a comprehensive, well-managed compliance program. Your compliance officer must be able to run the process, including a bank-wide training program, like a well-oiled machine. As a major resource for banking education, the MBA provides this year’s School of Compliance. It ensures that financial institutions have the latest knowledge and preparation they need to properly handle compliance issues. Constant changes and the highly charged regulatory environment make this information more important than ever to your financial institution. You will have the opportunity to interact with nationally-known compliance experts and with others involved in compliance from institutions similar in size to your own. Add to Calendar
  • March 5 2019
    Agriculture & Ag Lending: Taking Care of Business 03/05/2019 Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center The agricultural industry is now in its seventh year of an economic reset with razor thin margins combined with increased volatility. What is around the corner and down the road concerning the global and domestic economy? Will 2019 be the year that the U.S. economy establishes a record for longevity of the economic expansion, or is a recession looming around the corner? How will trade issues impact farm and ranch profi tability? Will farm land values and cash rents continue to hold their value in the context of rising interest rates? A 2020 to 2030 look at major mega trends that will impact the agricultural industry will cover topics ranging from dietary preferences to workplace culture and technology trends. All of these macro-economic issues and trends will place a premium on business and financial IQ. Participants will be presented with the latest financial benchmarks. A business IQ chart will provide a format to size up management through critical questions that often result in crucial conversations. A new analysis format will be presented for analyzing character, as well as the 10 characteristics of successful managers. Come with your questions to engage Dr. Kohl in an ESPN hot seat format. Add to Calendar
  • March 5 2019
    Target Banker Program 03/05/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 12 2019
    Target Banker Program 03/12/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 13 2019
    Young Bankers Day At the Capitol 03/13/2019 Missouri Bankers Association Young Bankers Day at the Capitol provides an opportunity for members of the Young Bankers Leadership Division to learn about and take part in Missouri’s political process by making a Target Banker visit to our state’s Capitol. The MBA Target Banker Program is MBA’s chief grassroots lobbying tool. As a Target Banker you’ll be equipped with background information and talking points and then proceed to the Capitol to meet with your legislators, accompanied by MBA’s legislative staff. These low-key, low-pressure visits are very valuable. The Target Banker program helps provide a continuous banking presence at the Capitol throughout the session. Add to Calendar
  • March 17 2019
    2019 School of Lending 03/17/2019 - 03/22/2019 Hampton Inn & Suites At the University of Missouri Add to Calendar
  • March 19 2019
    Advanced Lending School 03/19/2019 - 03/21/2019 Hampton Inn & Suites At the University of Missouri Add to Calendar
  • March 20 2019
    Marijuana & Banking Seminar 03/20/2019 Holiday Inn Executive Center State and federal laws for marijuana and hemp are changing. These changes are often in conflict. Federal and state agencies across law enforcement, food and drug safety, health, agriculture and banking are responding with new policies and regulations. This seminar explores the issues presented for bankers by these changes and the rapidly expanding marijuana industry. Add to Calendar
  • March 26 2019
    Tri-State Leadership & Human Resources Conference 03/26/2019 - 03/27/2019 Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza Add to Calendar
  • March 26 2019
    Target Banker Program 03/26/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 2 2019
    Target Banker Program 04/02/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 9 2019
    Target Banker Program 04/09/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 10 2019
    Target Banker Program 04/10/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 16 2019
    Target Banker Program 04/16/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 17 2019
    Target Banker Program 04/17/2019 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • April 17 2019
    Women Bankers Conference 04/17/2019 - 04/18/2019 Tan-Tar-A Resort Golf Club Add to Calendar
  • April 23 2019
    IRA Basics Seminar 04/23/2019 Drury Plaza Hotel and Convention Center This course is designed as a “Very Basic” IRA as it is designed to build a great solid IRA foundation. The seminar will start with the differences between a traditional and a Roth IRA, and then discuss how to set up a new IRA and the eligibility rules to contribute to an IRA. The biggest topic for new people to discuss is the moving of money from one financial institution to another. This involves IRA transfers and rollovers, plus the direct rollovers from a qualified plan. Discussion will go through the 13 exceptions to taking money out of an IRA before age 59.5 to avoid the penalty tax, and how RMD is calculated in a traditional IRA. There will be an introduction into death distributions. Finally, cover how to take money out of a Roth IRA. Add to Calendar

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The application deadline for the 2019 MBA scholarships for high school seniors is Friday, March 8. MBA will award eight scholarships.

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President Inspires Nation To ‘Always Do Your Best’


There are many lessons from former President George H.W. Bush that we can follow in our lives.

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