About the Plan

MBA's strategic plan has been in development for more than a year. An analysis and needs assessment were conducted by MBA staff. That analysis was then reviewed by a planning committee of MBA board members who provided their thoughts on the direction of the association. The planning committee then shared the proposed strategic plan with the MBA Board of Directors, which ratified the plan in April 2024. 

Strategic Plan Goals

The plan's overall goal is to simplify engagement with MBA while enhancing value for Missouri banks and increasing MBA's impact on critical issues.

  1. Maintain Missouri as a preeminent state for banking.
  2. Make every banker an advocate.
  3. Innovate to address evolving member needs.
  4. Maximize member value.

Strategic Plan Pillars

The strategic plan is focused on four pillars.

  • Advocacy and Government Affairs
  • Member Experience and Engagement
  • Service Optimization and Innovation
  • Communications and Scale

This one-page document outlines key points for each pillar.

For More Information

Contact MBA at 573-636-8151 for more information.