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  • January 20 2022
    Women in Banking Virtual Session 01/20/2022 Virtual Add to Calendar
  • January 21 2022
    Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers 01/21/2022 Online Ratios, ratios, and more ratios! What do they really mean? Many financial professionals including bankers use financial ratios on a regular basis. But do they always use the same ratios and more importantly, do they always interpret the ratios in the same manner? Attend this proactive webinar and learn a “five-step” analysis plan to calculate the key ratios covering liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance, and cash flow analysis and correctly interpret the financial condition of the business client. Upon completion of this webinar, the bank employee will also be able to better negotiate with their business clients as well as other financial professionals. The session will also include a review of “spreading” a financial statement using Moody’s Lending Cloud software in order to better analyze the key ratios. This section will also include the bankruptcy (Z-score) predictor and sustainable growth models. Add to Calendar
  • January 25 2022
    Branch Manager Bootcamp - Online Seminar 01/25/2022 Virtual The program will focus on the critical skills and expectations that need to be developed to ensure that the next generation branch manager will exceed expectations and goals set for him or her. Participants will engage in discussions, small group activities and skills practices to ensure that ideas are shared and learning is entertaining and adopted. All seminars run from 8 to 11 a.m. CST. The instructor will be presenting in front of a slideshow, as if training in front of a classroom. Cost is $250 per seminar or $800 for the series. Banks may register for the entire series, and a different individual from the bank can attend the session that applies to his or her job responsibilities. Add to Calendar
  • January 26 2022
    Vizaline Free Webinar 01/26/2022 Online A free webinar for community banks making loans on metes and bounds legal descriptions. Vizaline's service converts legal property descriptions to images. Add to Calendar
  • January 30 2022
    2022 School of Bank Management-Second Year 01/30/2022 - 02/04/2022 Courtyard By Marriott Add to Calendar
  • January 31 2022
    2022 School of Bank Management 01/31/2022 - 02/04/2022 Courtyard By Marriott Add to Calendar
  • February 1 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/01/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 2 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/02/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 8 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/08/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 9 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/09/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 15 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/15/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 16 2022
    Target Banker Program 02/16/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • February 24 2022
    Branch Manager Bootcamp Part 2 Leading Service Excellence 02/24/2022 Branch Manager Bootcamp Serices - Part 2 focuses on the manager’s role in building and leading an effective service and sales organization.” Managers will learn to plan and direct the team toward an effective business development effort. Add to Calendar
  • March 8 2022
    2022 School of Compliance 03/08/2022 - 03/11/2022 Courtyard By Marriott Compliance is one of the most crucial and consuming issues in the financial industry today. The regulatory agencies are making it clear through their examinations of banks that no institution can aff ord to be without a comprehensive, well-managed compliance program. Your compliance offi cer must be able to run the process, including a bank-wide training program, like a well-oiled machine. As a major resource for banking education, the MBA provides this year’s School of Compliance. It ensures that fi nancial institutions have the latest knowledge and preparation they need to properly handle compliance issues. Constant changes and the highly charged regulatory environment make this information more important than ever to your fi nancial institution. You will have the opportunity to interact with nationally-known compliance experts and with others involved in compliance from institutions similar in size to your own. Add to Calendar
  • March 8 2022
    Target Banker Program 03/08/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 9 2022
    Target Banker Program 03/09/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 17 2022
    Branch Manager Bootcamp Part 3 Bussiness Development 03/17/2022 Branch Manager Bootcamp Series- Part 3 focuses on the relationship building process to identify how to gain the trust of your client, gain a larger share of wallet and present solutions that solve your clients’ needs. Add to Calendar
  • March 22 2022
    Target Banker Program 03/22/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 23 2022
    Target Banker Program 03/23/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar
  • March 29 2022
    Target Banker Program 03/29/2022 MBA Office Add to Calendar

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