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The Missouri Bankers Association has been advocating for its member banks for more than 100 years. The Missouri Bankers Association Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (MBA VEBA) was created in 1976 to give Missouri banks a way of providing benefits for their employees through an entity controlled by Missouri bankers. The MBA VEBA is a non-profit independent trust governed by eight trustees appointed by the MBA Board of Directors and provides benefits only to members of the MBA. MBA VEBA offers self-funded dental plans and fully-insured medical, group life, long term disability and vision plans.
Since 1976, MBA VEBA has provided innovative health care insurance products to MBA banks designed to control costs while not penalizing individual banks who have a high claim, or canceling their coverage. Historically, this has been done while holding down the portion of the premium dollar that goes to administrative costs. MBA VEBA’s health plan designs are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and strive to protect our members from future excise taxes and other penalties, to help your bank attract and retain the talented bankers who make your business successful and to offer protection from catastrophic claims and skyrocketing premiums by blending claims from all members in a large favorable risk pool. 


One of the greatest benefits of enrolling in MBA VEBA is that you can focus on your business and let us handle much of your benefit administration. We are proud of our history of providing prompt and efficient claim settlement services. We also handle administration of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA); the act that requires employers that sponsor group health plans to offer employees and their families extended coverage when they leave the company or are no longer eligible. And, we provide most initial and annual required notices to your employees, as well as certificates of coverage when employees or dependents terminate or cancel coverage.  


Learn more about all of the exceptional benefits that MBA VEBA’s offers by browsing the MBA VEBA Employee Benefit Highlights. Contact us for a coverage quote today!