MBA News & Announcements

Hawley Sponsors Damaging Legislation Endangering Missouri Consumers, Businesses


Hawley is endangering the privacy and finances of Missourians by co-sponsoring a bill that will have devastating impacts for consumers and small businesses.

Luetkemeyer: Fighting the Misguided Credit Card Competition Act


The Credit Card Competition Act cuts services and benefits without achieving savings for consumers.

Hawley Misguided Bill Opens Pandora's Box on Government Intervention


Hawley's proposal poses a host of challenges that could lead to unintended consequences.

Credit Card Proposal Inflicts Devastating Harm on Consumers, Main Street


A bill in Washington props up highly profitable big box retailers while harming Missouri families.

Tell Reps to Support Resolution on 1071


A resolution condemns CFPB’s final rule implementing Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act. MBA urges bankers to voice their support of the resolution to representatives.

Urge Hawley Schmitt to Oppose CCCA


Contact Sens. Hawley and Schmitt to oppose the Credit Card Competition Act as proponents of the bill attempt to attach it as an amendment to other measures.

MO Banker Testifies Before House Subcommittee


A Missouri banker said FinCEN’s implementation of the AML Act of 2020 must be done in line with congressional intent.

MBA Statement on Bank Closures in California, New York


Missouri’s banking industry remains a source of strength and stability.

Luetkemeyer Files Legislation to Reform CFPB


Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer is sponsoring three bills that seek to reform the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Fight Back Against State Bill to Expand Credit Union Field of Membership


MBA needs your help to stop legislation that would expand the field of membership for credit unions.

FTX, Digital Assets & the Digital Financial Services Ecosystem


Digital assets have a place in banking, but we must be certain that we are moving forward in a safe, sound manner.

Don’t Let Congress Steal Your Credit Card Rewards!


Tell Sens. Blunt and Hawley to oppose the Credit Card Competition Act.

Bankers Must Be Loud, Present With New Congress


Banks should not be in a constant game of “gotcha” in which the rules are changed without warning.

MBA Honors Buhr As Young Banker of the Year


MBA honored Becky Buhr with the Bank of Franklin County in Washington with the 2022 Young Bankers Leadership Award.

Missouri Bankers Oppose Credit Card Government Mandate


MBA and its members strongly oppose federal legislation that is extremely detrimental to banks and their customers.

Missouri Banking Groups Oppose Durbin 2.0 Government Mandate


MBA and MIBA oppose federal legislation that would force banks to contract with multiple credit card routing companies.

Understanding the Role of Swipe Fees and Their Benefit to Consumers


The Durbin Amendment harms the ability, especially for rural Missourians, to access affordable banking services.

MBA Names Jackson Hataway As President


Jackson Hataway will become the seventh individual to lead MBA, which celebrates its 132nd anniversary this year.

DOJ Issues Website Accessibility Guidance


MBA discusses DOJ guidance on website accessibility.

MBA Reviews Exam Manual Changes Evaluating UDAAP


MBA has reviewed the 2022 UDAAP module and highlighted the new language as compared to the 2012 version.

IRS Reporting Mandate Grossly Violates Your Privacy


A highly controversial IRS tax reporting provision would require banks to report any account that has annual activity exceeding a certain dollar threshold.

BankMarketingCenter Offers Turnkey Resources


The latest company endorsed by MBA empowers banks to quickly and easily produce professionally designed, branded marketing materials.

MBA Shares Concerns On Small Business Lending Data


In comment letter, MBA lists three items for CFPB to consider.

MBA InternConnect


MBA is pleased to offer a new program to introduce college students to banking careers.