Good internships are good business.

Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in settings outside the classroom. They are structured work experiences ill which the student adds value to the organization and develops key business skills. Today's workload and tomorrow's workforce are two great reasons for starting an internship program for your bank.

MBA InternConnect is to provide a path for top college students to explore the Missouri banking industry as a viable career option. MBA believes an internship experience creates the opportunity for students to gain specific knowledge about banking processes while learning how local banks help their communities. The desired end result involves students returning to campuses with positive impressions of banking and the strong desire to pursue careers in banking upon graduation.

MBA InternConnect has been designed to:

  • provide a framework for connecting Missouri banks with college students seeking internships
  • provide resources for MBA-member banks to locate and recruit interns
  • provide templates, sample intern project/task ideas and evaluation tools to banks
  • increase the profile of the Missouri banking industry, attracting top college graduates to banking careers in the state
  • provide intern scholarships through the Missouri Bankers Foundation

The MBA InternConnect handbook features information on the following.

  • employer benefits
  • student benefits
  • bank mentor
  • general internship guidelines
  • marketing/posting internship
  • interviews
  • evaluations

In addition, MBA-member banks can access the following templates and customize to their need.

  • job descriptions
  • interview questions
  • evalutions

For More Information

For more information about MBA InternConnect, contact Melissa Hart at 573-636-8151.