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Mid America Bank

Chief Operating Officer

Mid America Bank is hiring a chief operating officer to oversee its core operations, retail branch operations, deposit operations, loan operations and digital banking operations. The COO is a member of the executive leadership team responsible for ensuring the bank’s operational and strategic goals and associated initiatives are effectively pursued and executed. The COO plays an integral role in the development and execution of the bank’s strategic plan. 

The COO is based at the Wardsville branch; hours for this position are flexible. 

  • Requirements
    • bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, business management, accounting or another related field
    • experience operating and managing under FDICIA requirements (Section 36 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and Part 363 of the FDIC's Rules and Regulations) preferred
    • experience with Fiserv core system or other core banking system technology preferred
    • minimum of 15 years of experience preferred; years of experience may be substituted for education requirements or related work experience.
  • Benefits
    • Mid America Bank offers exceptional benefits.
For more information and to apply, visit the bank’s website.
Equal Opportunity Employer

The Bank of Prairie Village in metropolitan Kansas City has an opportunity for individuals seeking to advance their banking careers and another for those wanting to begin their banking career. The bank offers competitive salaries and benefits.

Credit Analyst

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  • Responsibilities
    • assess the creditworthiness of individuals, businesses or organizations applying for loans
    • analyze financial data and information to determine the risk associated with extending credit or lending money
    • monitor and manage the credit risk exposure of the bank’s loan portfolio
    • prepare detailed credit reports and present findings to senior management
    • ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies when evaluating credit applications
  • Requirements
    • bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or a related field
    • previous experience in credit analysis, banking or a related field preferred
    • strong analytical and financial modeling skills
    • knowledge of banking and lending regulations

Banking Associate

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  • Responsibilities
    • perform basic retail banking transactions for customers while running a teller drawer
    • lead consumer and business customers through product offerings to match their financial needs
    • provide exceptional service for customers’ financial needs
  • Requirements
    • technologically savvy, multitasker, detail oriented
    • excellent organization and time management skills

Equal Opportunity Employer

Ozark Bank

Compliance Officer

Ozark Bank seeks a compliance officer to oversee and coordinate regulatory compliance and risk management.

  • Responsibilities
    • develop, implement and review compliance policies and procedures that ensure compliance with related laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering laws
    • provide regulatory compliance guidance for loans and operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations
    • assist in the management of the GLBA Information Security Program, Risk Assessment Program and Business Continuity Plan
    • provide communication to the board of directors and senior management on findings, recommendations, solutions and new laws and regulations
    • work with department managers and staff to ensure compliance objectives are achieved
    • provide direction, support and guidance to bank employees to effectively implement policies and procedures
    • coordinate with regulators and auditors during compliance audits and examinations
    • perform regular reviews and tests of internal controls and implement corrective measures as necessary
    • coordinate compliance training
  • Requirements
    • bachelor's degree and at least three years of experience in banking regulatory compliance and/or risk management or closely related field
    • strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail and communication skills
    • knowledge of Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering Laws, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act and related federal and state banking regulations
To apply, please send your resume to or visit the bank’s website.

Equal Opportunity Employer

MBA Announces Partnership with BankTalentHQ

BankTalentHQAttracting and retaining top talent is a challenge and priority for Missouri banks. BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management website for financial industry careers. BankTalentHQ connects top talent, including candidates outside the industry, to your bank. The website's job board allows you to post job openings for your bank with the ability to purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies.

MBA Job Board and BankTalentHQ

MBA members now have the option to post job announcements either with MBA or MBA’s endorsed partner BankTalent HQ — or both! Both options offer banks great opportunities to promote positions currently available at their facilities. There are a few things to know about each offering.

For MBA job posts:

  • your ad is posted on MBA’s website
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For BankTalent HQ posts:

  • ad posted on BankTalent HQ’s website
  • bank is responsible for posting the announcement
For more information, please contact Lori Bruce at MBA at 573/636-8151.