MBA had launched a new free service — VendorPRO — for its member banks that connects you with fellow bankers quickly and provides a list of vendors used by other member banks.

What is VendorPRO?

Created by MBA, VendorPRO creates a pipeline for peer-to-peer vendor referrals online. The website allows MBA members to add referrals and identify contacts from other banks who work with a vendor. The process is fast and easy! And it's exclusive to MBA-member banks. 

How does VendorPRO work?

Bankers can look for vendors by name, category or keyword. Adding a referral takes seconds. List vendors that the bank has used (both current and past) and what the vendor did at the bank. That's it! No comments are needed about a vendor. The site creates an easy way for fellow bankers to connect and share insights about their vendor experiences.

Who can access VendorPRO?

Access to VendorPRO is limited to MBA-member banks only. Vendors, including MBA endorsed partners and associate members, cannot access the site. However, vendors are encouraged to ask bankers to enter referrals for their companies.

Invite colleagues to join VendorPRO!

If you are registered with VendorPRO, you can invite others to join the website. At VendorPRO, click your profile and click "Invite." Only users who have emails with recognized MBA-member Missouri bank domains will be allowed to register and access VendorPRO referrals.

Get the peer insights you need to feel confident in your vendor partner decisions! Visit VendorPRO today!