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MBA Unveils BankTalentHQ

Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge and priority that Missouri banks face. Many bankers have shared how difficult it is to find quality employees and that the pool of available candidates has decreased exponentially over the last decade because of many factors, including changing demographics, negative press and increasing regulations. The solution is here, and it is BankTalentHQ.

BankTalentHQBankTalentHQ is designed as a talent management resource for the financial industry and is brought to you by the Missouri Bankers Association, in partnership with other state banking associations across the country. BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers.

“The banking industry was lacking a dedicated and focused, full-service talent management site, and that’s what BankTalentHQ brings,” said MBA President and CEO Max Cook. “BankTalentHQ will connect top talent, including candidates who currently are outside the industry, to your bank. It will be the one-stop-shop for your talent management needs.”

The main focus of the website, located at banktalenthq.com, is the job board, which allows banks to post job openings. Banks may purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies. The website also will allow internships to be posted at a discounted rate. Ancillary services currently being offered include industry news and articles, resume writing tips, career learning center, career/sales/management coaching and micro-internships. To make the site even more robust and tailored to your bank, additional services like career paths, job summaries, executive recruitment, and outplacement are in development.

“The goal is to create a national brand with a holistic talent management website for the financial services industry,” Cook said. “It will continue to evolve as needs and trends arise.”

BankTalentHQ markets to candidates outside of the industry to pique their interest in banking careers, the key to driving additional talent into the financial services industry. The intention is to show the full scope of available jobs, from operations and human resources to financial management and marketing. Banking is an exciting industry with endless opportunities, and BankTalentHQ will help that excitement resonate with potential candidates, drawing them into the industry.

Please contact Rachael Preston with MBA at 573-636-8151 if you have questions about BankTalentHQ.

Finding and keeping top talent is high on the list of challenges banks face, and the solution is BankTalentHQ! Whether you are looking for a job with a financial institution, or you are an employer with a position to fill, BankTalentHQ is here to help. To learn more, visit banktalenthq.com. For more information, contact Brian Hoffman at 217-789-9340 or bhoffman@banktalenthq.com. BankTalentHQ is an MBA endorsed partner.