Strikeforce Grassroots Team

pawn chess strategyThe primary mission of the Missouri Bankers Association is, and always has been, advocacy. Advocacy takes many forms and is most eff ective when all members are participating in all ways. To help you leverage all of our resources and to maximize your voice at the federal and state level, MBA has developed the Strikeforce Grassroots Team.

What The Team Does

The team will include one person from every MBA-member bank, and members are asked to:

  • make advocacy a part of their job
  • work with MBA staff to communicate with members of Congress and the Missouri General Assembly when important messages need to be delivered
  • help MBA staff nurture relationships with your elected officials
  • receive and respond to team communications
  • mobilize bank staff participation in advocacy initiatives as needed for each member bank
  • advise MBA staff on ways the association can be more effective in its advocacy eff orts

Members of Strikeforce Grassroots Team

CEOs of MBA-member banks have been asked to identify someone in their organizations with an interest in government relations who would enjoy becoming more involved in banking industry advocacy. Extensive knowledge of politics and policy is not required, but enthusiasm is a plus! Are you that person?

Every team assignment comes with all the details and support necessary to be successful and bank leadership will always be included in team communications. We are excited to work with you to advocate for your bank!

For More Information

Please contact Emily Lewis at MBA at 573-636-8151.