In August 1891, several bankers met in Lebanon to discuss pertinent issues affecting their ability to provide banking services to their communities. These bankers sought to unify their voice in advocating for the banking industry. From that meeting, the Missouri Bankers Association was born.

Today, our voice is stronger than ever as it continues to build on the legacy of our founders. MBA remains committed to its founding mission -- serving as the principle advocate for the Missouri banking community.

MBA is a statewide trade and professional organization in Jefferson City that represents the interests of nearly 225 banks, savings and loans and trust companies in Missouri. In addition, MBA provides educational opportunities, products and services that assist bankers with enhancing their banking operations. 

Any national or state bank that accepts demand deposits and makes commercial loans in Missouri and is supervised by the Missouri Division of Finance or the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency may become an active member of MBA. Likewise, any savings and loan, federal savings bank or trust company located in Missouri may join the association.