MBA Webinars

For its webinar programs, MBA uses a platform from a nationwide provider of training webinars for the financial services industry. Bankers have access to more than 220 webinars annually. Webinar topics cover the following areas, among others.
  • compliance
  • risk management
  • IRA
  • customer service
  • operations
  • security
  • sales
  • auditing
  • lending
  • human resources
  • teller
Bankers can view upcoming seminars in a calendar or list view, and they also may search for webinars by topic. Plus, if bankers can't make a scheduled webinar, they may view a list of on-demand webinars.  

These cost-effective webinars allow banks to pay one registration fee and have multiple bankers attend training sessions. Through the webinars, attendees can ask questions, participate in live surveys and view slides as the seminar leader presents the material.

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For More Information

For more information about webinars, please contact MBA's Education Department at 573-636-8151.
For technical issues regarding webinars, call 800-831-0678, ext. 6.
ABA Training
Stay on top of current industry issues with ABA webinars covering subject areas ranging from compliance to retail marketing and wealth management.

Webinar Subject Areas

  • compliance/risk management
  • corporate trust
  • mortgage
  • payments/cybersecurity
  • retail/marketing
  • wealth management/trust

Live registration provides a connection for one room where unlimited listeners can be present, as well as streaming recording access free for seven days.

Graduate School of Banking - Wisconsin
The Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a variety of online programs across all areas of banking.