MBA In-House Training Services

group learningThe most important resource in any bank is the people. No matter your market, your size or your strategy for growth, you need high performing people. Finding the right ways to invest in the development of your people isn’t easy. You need seasoned expertise, programs designed to fit the specific needs of your bank and innovative approaches to learning and development that deliver value.

The Missouri Bankers Association is excited offer tailored, in-house training for our member banks focused on personnel development. We want to bring the value of in-house training to your institution in ways and at rates that only the MBA can.


  • management and leadership essentials
  • conflict management and communication
  • influence and relationship building
  • crisis communication
  • public speaking
  • strategic initiative management
  • compliance and BSA

MBA can facilitate specific training your bank may need through one of our many contract trainers. Contact us for more details.

For More Information

Contact MBA at 573-636-8151 or email Jackson Hataway. For information on compliance and BSA training, contact Carol Barnett.

About Jackson Hataway

Jackson HatawayJackson Hataway is the senior vice president of marketing, communications and member services for MBA. He specializes in internal and external communication, organizational development and strategic planning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change. Before joining MBA, Jackson spent 10 years as a senior consultant for a West Coast-based consulting firm facilitating strategic planning sessions and developing innovative strategic initiatives for financial institutions nationwide. His consulting work also led him to work regularly with senior executives at large technology corporations, including Microsoft, GoDaddy and Adobe. These engagements helped Jackson become a key resource for many banks struggling to address the wave of digital transformation and fintech startups disrupting the financial services industry.