Banking Leadership Missouri

MBA’s Banking Leadership Missouri is an 18-month leadership development program designed to actively enhance the leadership, organizational and performance skills of highly motivated mid- to upper-level bankers. The program establishes a network of future bank leaders who understand and can respond to local and national issues affecting the banking industry and their communities. 

The program is practical, hard-hitting and quality-driven. We will focus on developing a solid understanding of the industry and the skills necessary for leadership that participants can put into practice immediately. Every two years, a class of up to 25 Missouri bankers is selected to participate. 

Program Goals & Objectives

To identify, develop and involve the future leaders of Missouri banking.
Goal: Increase young banker involvement.
Objective: Prepare participants to be leaders in their industry, community and the Missouri Bankers Association.

Goal: Provide quality banker education.
Objective: Enhance and develop leadership, communication and political action skills.

Goal: Identify future leaders of Missouri’s banking industry.
Objective: Motivate, energize and establish a network of bankers who will serve as leaders of the Missouri Bankers Association.

2019-20 Banking Leadership Missouri Class

2019-20 Banking Leadership Missouri
The newest members of Banking Leadership Missouri are (first row, left to right) Kyle Smith, Jonesburg State Bank; Dan McKinney, Community First Banking Company, West Plains; Mike Ireland, The Bank of Missouri, Columbia; Renee Vogelgesang, First State Bank of St. Charles; Beth Jameson, Nodaway Valley Bank, St. Joseph; Rachael Godden-Curtis, Guaranty Bank, Springfield; Amanda Lee, First State Bank of Purdy; Jacob Fauvergue, Arvest Bank, Webb City; Neil Loethen, Legends Bank, Linn; (second row) Taylor Miller, First State Community Bank, Desloge; Danielle Unnerstall, Bank of Washington; Sandra Ewigman, Preferred Bank, Rothville; Julie Breeden, Arvest Bank, Springfield; Tara Barker, Bank of Advance; Brian Bonfanti, Enterprise Bank & Trust, St. Louis; Ryan Clark, People’s Community Bank, Piedmont; Justin Dotson, Bloomsdale Bank; Brian Gagnon, Central Bank of Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach; and Garrett Boatright, First State Community Bank, Farmington. Not pictured are Chris Eckelkamp with Bank of Washington and Kim Fredrick with West Plains Bank and Trust Company.
Program Schedule
The Banking Leadership Missouri Program is a practical, hard-hitting program. Each session will concentrate on an area of successful business operation. We’ll focus on developing a solid understanding of the industry and the skills necessary for leadership that participants can put into practice immediately.

Session One: MBA’s 129th Annual Convention

June 12-14, 2019 - Hilton Branson Convention Center - Branson
Members of the Banking Leadership Missouri class will be introduced to MBA members at the annual convention in Branson. Attending the convention gives BLM participants the opportunity to become acquainted with each other, as well as the leaders of the banking industry in Missouri.

Session Two: Leadership, Communication and Influence

August 28 & 29, 2019 - MBA Office - Jefferson City
Internal and external communication is at the core of strong leadership. Leaders must understand that communication is the key to everything — from building high-performing teams to engaging in critical conversations to delivering successful presentations. Unfortunately, if you ask employees at many banks what they would like to see from their leaders, you’ll also hear one resounding answer: more communication. In reality, the solution is often not that they need more communication but that they need better communication — driven by strategic leaders who know how to connect the dots from transparent, feedback-driven communication practices to business impact.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • build and develop stronger teams/departments
  • articulate compelling visions that drive performance
  • grow their personal and professional infl uence levels
  • conduct crucial conversations
  • develop feedback loops within and outside of their banks

Session Three: Government Relations

November 13 & 14, 2019 - MBA Office - Jefferson City
Class members will get an in-depth look at the legislative process both in Missouri and the federal level. Briefings by state legislators, lobbyists and regulators will explain how bills become laws and the impact those laws have on the banking industry. Discussions will also include the banker’s role in government relations, the effectiveness of MBA grassroots programs and the structure of MBA political action committees. If the schedule permits, a tour of the Missouri Capitol is planned.

Session Four: Better Results with Style for Emerging Leaders

February 12 & 13, 2020 - MBA Office - Jefferson City
Great organizations need people who can collaborate with their team members, sell their ideas and sustain great relationships with their clients. This engaging session of interpersonal insight is immediately applicable in many business management, communication and relationship situations. It is a dynamic and interactive program that will give you tools to build more productive relationships with your clients, direct reports, peers, team and other key business relationships.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • understand their interpersonal style and how it affects others
  • practice and learn how to identify others’ styles
  • use strategies to work more effectively with those who are different from you
  • develop specifi c action plans to improve key working relationships with co-workers, clients or other important people in your life
  • manage situations in today’s environment
    • #MeToo movement
    • compensation
    • coaching the next generation

Session Five: Emerging Bank Issues for Tomorrow’s Bank Leaders

May 13 & 14, 2020 - Whiteman Air Force Base - Knob Noster
The class will be briefed on specific issues facing bank leaders currently and looking to the future. Specific topics will be determined by the banking environment leading up to this session.

Session Six: Leading with Value: Creating a Culture of Ethics

September 16 & 17, 2020 - MBA Office - Jefferson City
Great managers are often identifi ed by their ability to consistently drive strong business results. Although that quality is critically important for a bank’s long-term success, it falls short of defining a great leader.  Great leadership extends beyond purely quantifiable metrics and into the murkier world of ethics. The ability to act with a coherent and strong set of values day in and day out — no matter the context — is incredibly challenging, especially when acting with ethics may mean making unpopular business decisions. This is particularly true in banking where almost every decision requires that we think about ethics as much as we think about numbers. All great leaders know their personal code of ethics — how they will act and how they expect others to act — and they don’t shy away from them. Instead, they make their ethics an integral part of the way they build their teams and businesses.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • understand ethical frameworks
  • examine decisions and critical issues through ethical lenses
  • identify and articulate personal code of ethics
  • know how to compel others to share their values

Session Seven: MBA Executive Management Conference

December 9-11 2020 - The InterContinental Hotel - Kansas City
The Banking Leadership Missouri program concludes December 2020 at MBA’s Executive Management Conference in Kansas City. Class members will participate in the general and special interest sessions with leaders in Missouri’s banking industry and will be recognized at one of the conference’s general sessions.

MBA Regional Meeting

Participants are required to attend MBA’s regional meeting in 2019 and 2020 as part of the Banking Leadership Missouri curriculum. Regional meetings are scheduled in August and/or September.

Special Offer - MBA Young Bankers Leadership Conference

Banking Leadership Missouri participants attending the Young Bankers Leadership Conference in October 2019 and October 2020 will receive a $75 discount. 

For More Information

Contact Jackson Hataway at MBA at 573-636-8151.