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Developing strong, confident leaders throughout your organization

To be a successful leader in today’s organization, you have to do more than just “lead.” You have to be a creative, innovative and passionate leader who can inspire teams to pull together, solve problems creatively and achieve amazing results.

Program Details   
Application -- Submit by May 6 

About Banking Leadership Missouri

The Missouri Bankers Association’s Banking Leadership Missouri program is designed to actively enhance the leadership, organizational and performance skills of highly motivated mid- to upper-level bankers. The program establishes a network of future bank leaders who understand and can respond to local and national issues affecting the banking industry and their communities. The 12-month program is practical, hard-hitting and quality driven.

We will focus on developing a solid understanding of the banking industry and the skills necessary for leadership that participants can put into practice immediately. A class of up to 25 Missouri bankers is selected to participate in this 12-month program. 

Who Should Participate

This leadership program is for high-potential bankers:

  • who have or are preparing to take on broader responsibilities
  • who have experienced or will soon undergo the transition from a functional to a general management role
  • who have potential for senior management

Program Schedule

Session One: From Manager to Leader: Learning about Yourself, Your Development and Outcomes

June - Hilton Branson Hotel 
Presenter: Jackson Hataway

The foundation of great leadership is understanding the fundamental difference between managing and leading and identifying where the gaps exist in your own leadership potential. As you are welcomed into the Banking Leadership Missouri program, we will explore the critical components of leadership and connect you with peers from around the state who share your desire to be a leader.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • identify management and leadership competencies
  • conduct leadership assessments
  • understand strategic and visionary leadership
  • develop roadmap and goals for the Banking Leadership Missouri experience
Members of the Banking Leadership Missouri class will be introduced to MBA members at the annual convention in Branson. Attending the convention gives participants the opportunity to become acquainted with each other, as well as the leaders of the banking industry in Missouri.

Session Two: Better Results With Style for Emerging Leaders

September - MBA Office, Jefferson City 
Presenter: Donna de St. Aubin

Great organizations need people who can collaborate with their team members, sell their ideas and sustain great relationships with their clients. This engaging session of interpersonal insight is immediately applicable in many business management, communication and relationship situations.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • understand your interpersonal style and how it affects others
  • practice and learn how to identify others’ styles
  • use strategies to work more effectively with those who are different from you
  • develop specific action plans to improve key working relationships with co-workers and clients 

Session Three: Leadership Excellence Through Effective Communication

November - MBA Office, Jefferson City 
Presenter: Brian Townley

Leaders must understand that communication is the key to everything — from building high-performing teams to engaging in critical conversations to delivering successful presentations. Effective communication is how leaders become change agents and influencers in their organization, connecting the dots between individual, team and bank priorities.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:
  • conduct crucial conversations
  • understand and manage communication styles among personnel
  • grow personal and professional influence levels
  • develop feedback loops within and outside of the bank

Session Four: Decision Making, Strategy, Government Relations and Ethics in Banking

February - MBA Office, Jefferson City 
Presenters: MBA GR Team, Jackson Hataway

We all know that banking does not happen in a vacuum. Economics, competition, legislation and ethics interact to define the key strategic decisions that banks must make day in and day out to be successful. Great leaders in banking stay engaged on all of these fronts to grow as professionals and to guide their banks through an incredibly complex environment.

After completing this experience-driven session, participants will be able to:
  • understand the national and state legislative advocacy process
  • engage with state and local representatives
  • identify and strategize around emerging trends in banking
  • foster a culture of ethics within their bank

Session Five: The Banking Leadership Missouri Capstone Experience

April/May - Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster 
Presenters: Jackson Hataway, Facilitator

Leadership demands growth, and growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone – daring yourself and your people to be better every day. In this capstone session, guided by experts in and outside of banking, participants will be asked to think deeply about what it means to lead and develop people in a modern environment and will be challenged to tie everything they have learned in Banking Leadership Missouri together in one seminal experience.

After completing this session, participants will be able to (and will experience): 
  • establish a high-performance team culture
  • identify attributes for hiring and development
  • capstone project review
  • senior leadership forum

Session Six: Program Celebration and Graduation

June 2023 - Chateau on the Lake Hotel, Branson 

This final session celebrates the class' successful completion of Banking Leadership Missouri with a graduation ceremony and reception. 

MBA Regional Meetings and Executive Management Conference

Participants are encouraged to attend MBA’s regional meeting in 2022 (usually scheduled in August/September) and the 2022 Executive Management Conference scheduled Dec. 7-9 in Kansas City.

Special Offer - MBA Young Bankers Leadership Conference

Banking Leadership Missouri participants attending the 2022 Young Bankers Leadership Conference in October will receive a $75 discount.  


2022-23 Tuition: $2,800

Application Deadline

Submit completed application  by May 6.

For More Information

Contact Jackson Hataway at MBA at 573-636-8151.