MBA's legal and compliance departments work together to provide resources to give member banks the information they need to ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements. MBA members can have immediate access to this information by ordering these compliance tools and developing a compliance resource library at the bank. MBA Compliance Force subscribers receive a 10 percent discount on the compliance-related publications marked with an asterisk (*).  

*Federal Lending Compliance Workshop Manual

Contains information on Regs B, Z, Fair Credit Reporting Act, RESPA, HMDA, Fair Housing Act and flood insurance.  Looseleaf, in a three-ring binder. Click here to access the updated pages for October 2022.

Last Updated October 2022
Price: $165 Member Price, $300 Nonmember Price
Updated yearly as necessary

*Federal Operations Compliance Workshop Manual

Addresses compliance with Regs E, CC, D, DD, FDIC Insurance, Bank Secrecy Act, and security procedures.  

Published May 2023

*Handling Garnishments and Tax Levies

A procedural manual designed to provide "safe harbors" when dealing with difficult, time-sensitive situations. This manual has been updated to reflect the Federal Benefits Analysis and recent changes to Missouri laws and rules. Available as a printed manual or as a pdf file on a CD.

Published 2017 
Manual Price: $89 for MBA members; $180 for nonmembers 
CD Price: $119 for MBA members; $300 for nonmembers
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*Missouri Lending Compliance Workshop Manual

Focuses on Missouri laws and regulations affecting the lending process from application to payoff. Usury, default procedures, lien perfection, time sales and credit cards are among the topics covered. Looseleaf, in a three-ring binder. Click here to access the updated pages for 2021.

Last Updated October 2021 (no update for 2022)
Price: $150 Member Price; $285 Nonmember Price
Updated yearly as necessary

*Missouri Operations Compliance Workshop Manual

Deals with deposit accounts, checks, financial privacy, garnishments, unclaimed property, record retention, fees and charges and safe deposit boxes.   

Published May 2023

No Weapons Signs

Businesses choosing to prohibit concealed guns on the premises are required to post signs in a conspicuous place. The signs must be at least 11" by 14" and contain lettering of at least 1". MBA has available door/window static stickers, plastic signs, and posters.

*Record Retention Quick Notes©

This guide is designed to be a quick and easy-to-use reference on the most common types of record retention questions that bankers encounter.  The Quick Notes online publication contains detailed pages that refer to federal or general industry practices in six broad topic areas:  General; Deposits and Operations; Loans; Securities; Human Resources and Tax.  Requirements are listed from federal agencies including:  OCC, Fed, FDIC, CFPB, NACHA, FInCEN, OFAC, IRS, VA, EEOC, SEC, and more.  The publication also includes a copy of the Missouri Division of Finance record retention regulation for reference to state requirements.  The guide is authored by Carl Pry, a CRCM and CRP and is copyrighted by and available through an arrangement with the Massachusetts Bankers Association.  

Only Available via Online Access
Sixth Edition Published 2021
$120 Member Price; $250 Nonmember Price
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*Safe Deposit Manual

A procedures manual covering types of rental, box rental and surrender procedures, deputy appointments, drilling procedures and how to comply with the Unclaimed Property Law.  Booklet format.

Published 2002
Price: $26 Member Price; $48 Nonmember Price 

Survival Spanish for Banking & Financial Services Pocket Reference Guide

This easy-to-understand guide is designed to help bankers communicate more clearly and conduct business with Spanish-speaking customers. The pocket-sized guide includes phonetic spellings for easy pronunciation and is divided into sections including tellers, customer identification, deposits, lending, plus other banking-related subjects and every-day terms. Click here for a flier with more information.  Booklet format.

Price: $11 Member Price; $20 Nonmember Price

These Laws Affect You

A summary of the legislation and its effects on banks passed during each individual year's session of the Missouri Legislature. Normally available in August. The most recent version (and some past years) are available at no charge online to MBA members in the Compliance section. 

*Titling Accounts Manual

A manual containing recommendations and rules for creating, titling, monitoring and terminating various types of deposit accounts in Missouri banks, including individual, joint, uniform transfers to minors, pay-on-death and more. Printed manual or electronic access.

Published 2022