2020 Virtual MBA Washington Visit

MBA has worked with the American Bankers Association to put together information you will need to participate in this year's Virtual Washington Visit. 

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Registration links and other program information can be found here. When completing the registration form, you will be asked to identify which meetings you are interested in attending virtually. Once registration is complete, you will receive a calendar appointment with relevant Zoom Webinar information for each meeting from ABA.
There is no registration fee.

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Important Information

  • MBA bankers will be grouped together with other states in the South Central Region for the ABA Briefing and regulatory meetings.
  • MBA will schedule meetings with our Missouri congressional delegation, hopefully during the week of September 21-24. Registrants will be notified of congressional meetings at a later date.
  • All times on the ABA schedule are in the Eastern Time Zone. After you register, ABA will follow up with Zoom meeting credentials and times will be reflected in the Central Time Zone.
    • Schedule in Central Time
      • 9-10:30 a.m. Sept. 21, 2020
        • ABA Federal Issues Briefing
      • 9-10 a.m. Sept. 22, 2020
        • FinCEN Briefing
      • 3:30-4:30 p.m. Sept. 22, 2020
        • OCC Briefing
      • 8-9 a.m. Sept. 23, 2020
        • Federal Reserve Board Briefing
      • 1-2 p.m. Sept. 24, 2020
        • FDIC Briefing
      • 3-4 p.m. Sept. 24, 2020
        • SBA/Treasury Joint Briefing
    • The CFPB Meeting has not yet been confirmed.

For More Information

Contact Peggy Mantle at MBA at 573-636-8151.