Max Cook
President and CEO

Peggy A. Mantle
Vice President and Board Secretary

Accounting and Administration

Janet Roling
Executive Vice President, CFO/COO

Nathan Block
IT Administrator

Carla Hancock

Cassi Stone
Accounting & Database Assistant

Lisa Luebbert
Office Support Services Coordinator

Glenda Beck 

Patricia Hubbs

Compliance Services

Carol Barnett
Senior Vice President, Compliance Services

Bryan Bradley
Vice President, Compliance Services

Gina Jolly
Vice President, Compliance Services

Education, Marketing, Communications & Member Services

Jackson Hataway
Executive Vice President of Communications, Marketing & Member Services 

Cheri A. Messerli
Senior Vice President of Education

Rachael Preston
Vice President of Member Services

Lori Bruce
Director of Communications
Lauren Luebbert
Education Program Administrator

Government Relations

David Kent
Senior Vice President, Chief Lobbyist

Emily Lewis
Vice President, Legislative and Advocacy Programming             


Lesley Weaver
Director, Business Development

Joyce Kennedy
Manager, Insurance Services

Laura Gasho
Senior Employee Benefits Specialist
Bethany Green
Senior Employee Benefits Specialist


Keith Thornburg
Vice President and General Counsel