teensMBA established the Missouri Bankers Foundation in 1985 to provide funding for college scholarships for high school students planning to pursue banking-related college degrees. The foundation solicits and manages investments and distributes funds to support continuing education for Missouri bankers and students preparing for a career in the banking industry.

2022 Scholarships

The application deadline for the 2022 scholarships for high school seniors is Friday, March 4. MBA will award scholarships in May 2022.

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The Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship Program

Seven $1,000 regional scholarships awarded annually
The Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship Program is designed for graduating Missouri high school seniors who plan to pursue college studies in banking-related degree programs. These scholarships are made possible through the Willis W. Alexander Scholarship Fund and the John W. Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund. Willis W. Alexander (1919-1985) was a career banker and a past president of both the American Bankers Association and MBA. Brothers John and James Rogers established the John W. Rogers Fund in 1997 in memory of their father, John W. Rogers, who was a career banker and past MBA president. These one-time $1,000 scholarships are awarded to seven Missouri high school students per year for first semester college tuition, books and fees.  

The MBA InternConnect Scholarship Program

MBA InternConnect Scholarship Application and Instructions - Due Friday, Oct. 7, 2022
The MBA InternConnect Scholarship Program is designed to encourage college sophomores and juniors majoring in a banking-related discipline to explore careers in the Missouri banking industry. The Missouri Bankers Foundation will award up to five $1,000 MBA InternConnect Scholarships annually to college students who have completed an internship with an MBA-member bank within one year of the application deadline. Applicants must be a Missouri resident or attend a Missouri state accredited college or university and must have at least college sophomore standing. (Seniors may apply if pursuing graduate studies.)

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Please contact Rachael Preston at 573-636-8151.