Sisters In Banking
Connecting with peers throughout Missouri

A new MBA resource for women bankers provides an opportunity to communicate with their peers throughout the Show-Me State.

Sisters in Banking was launched this summer after MBA Chairman Anne Vieira, senior vice president of Saints Avenue Bank in New London, was installed into office.    

“In beginning my yearlong journey as MBA chairman, I want female bankers to have the opportunity to discuss topics relevant to community banking and MBA activities,” Vieira said. “And, I want this to be a space for us to encourage one another in our careers.”

Each month, Vieira sends a Sisters in Banking e-newsletter to female bankers at MBA-member banks. The newsletter includes updates about the banking industry, the latest news from MBA and profiles of Missouri women bankers. Each issue focuses on a specific industry topic and breaks it down so all bankers — from the novice banker to the experienced banker — can understand what it is and why it affects them.

The latest e-newsletter, sent in late July, broke down a hot topic dominating the banking industry — CECL — and why all bankers should be concerned about CECL.

“CECL would be the biggest accounting change ever for banks,” Vieira said. “The increase in reserve requirements will ultimately lessen the availability of credit in an economic downturn, particularly to smaller businesses and consumers with marginal credit histories. When credit tightens, these customers will be hit the most and may seek credit in the shadow banking sector. Losing customers is no way to keep a bank healthy!”

The e-newsletter, with “MBA Chairman Anne Vieira” displayed in the “From” line, is sent near the end of the month. If bankers do not receive the email, it may have been sent to their junk/spam folder. Bankers should contact Lori Bruce, MBA communications director, at 573-636-8151 with questions.

In addition to the e-newsletter, women bankers can communicate with the Sisters in Banking group through MBA’s website using their MBA profile account on This gives members access to group announcements and discussions.

“If you are curious about an issue affecting the industry, have a question about MBA or want recommendations about a project at your bank, Sisters in Banking is the right place to seek feedback from your peers,” Vieira said. 

Sisters in Banking is open to any woman banker — part-time, full-time, entry level, director, retiree — or spouse of a banker whose bank is a member of MBA. 

“My goal with Sisters in Banking is to encourage women to challenge themselves, gain confidence, learn daily, step into roles they never thought they could and support each other,” Vieira said. “In addition, I want support as I represent an industry I love. I realize I will need help along the way and want a group I can turn to when I have questions on how best to communicate the concerns of bankers when I meet with those in power who make decisions that affect our daily lives.”


If you have a topic you for future issues of Sisters in Banking, please contact us.

Past E-Newsletters

Copies are posted in the online Sisters in Banking community. To access, log in to your MBA profile.