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Latest Episodes

  • Hitting the Right Mark on Recruitment & Retention

What must an employer do to attract great prospective candidates while simultaneously ensuring current employees are enjoying their work environment? It’s a question that weighs heavily on the minds of employers across all industries. Karen Shannon, vice president with Ollis/Akers/Arney in Springfield, Missouri, joins us to share her insights on how banks can stand out in today’s job market and how to keep current employees motivated and engaged. She also shares how LinkedIn plays a key role in both recruitment and employee engagement.

  • Banking on the Future: A Conversation with MU School of Business

As the banking world changes, it brings an array of job opportunities for individuals. For college students, an internship with a bank allows them to explore the career possibilities that banking offers. Lindsey Hing with the Mizzou Business Career Services and Cody Miller, internship coordinator for MU’s Trulaske College of Business, join MBA Vice President Rachael Preston to discuss the business school’s internship program, networking with MU students and the benefits that banks and students gain from these experiences. 

  • A Winning Partnership: A Conversation with Focus Bank and Haberfeld

We explore the partnership between Focus Bank and MBA associate member Haberfeld that has led to a culture of engagement to provide the best and highest level of customer service. Anna Ferrell, marketing director for Focus Bank, and Shawn Wagoner, senior vice president of client services for Haberfeld, share how using programs developed by Haberfeld aided the bank in educating employees about products and services available to customers. These lessons and ongoing engagement have enhanced customer relationships and the “will to win.”