Our consistent and purposeful effort to elect pro-banking legislators has had a real impact on our ability to pass important legislation. And, it has made it possible for us to stop bad legislation. More bankers investing in our PACs means great legislative support for the entire banking industry. No single individual can impact as many elections – we know that our PACs are the muscle behind MBA’s legislative agenda. Please make your contribution today!

What is the NextGen PAC?

The MBA NextGen PAC is a nonpartisan, separate legal entity, organized by members of the Missouri Bankers Association to benefit the entire banking industry through political contributions to state candidates. This political action committee has been organized to provide financial support for the political committees and campaigns of candidates for the Missouri General Assembly whose views and positions on banking issues are compatible with the interests of our industry. This PAC provides the lawful means by which members of the Next Generation in Banking (bank officers and employees) can express their views and increase their political impact through a united,collective effort.

Who Can Contribute?

Any member of MBA NextGen is eligible to contribute to the NextGen PAC. 

How Much Should I Give?

We ask each member of MBA NextGen to make a voluntary contribution. Suggested amounts are $10, $25 and $50.

How Do I Contribute?

1. Make an online contribution. See the donation amounts on the right.
2. Personal check made payable to MBA NextGen PAC.
3. Debit or Credit Card
4. Payroll Deduction
5. Cash

For More Information

Contact MBA at 573-636-8151.

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