2021 MBA BSA/AML Compliance Conferences

Ready to Return to In-Person Learning

Throughout 2020, we’ve been reminded of how much we need each other in times of true crisis. It’s time to come together again, and in person, at the 2021 BSA/AML and Compliance Conferences! 

The MBA staff and the staff at Margaritaville Lake Resort take very seriously the health of our members. It is our top priority as we plan for the upcoming conference. Additional safety precautions applied by the hotel, but not limited to, include the following.
  • Signage will be posted throughout public spaces on cleanliness, social distancing and hand hygiene.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are prevalent at high traffic customer touch points throughout the property, including meeting areas.
  • Meeting rooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each meeting. Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected as much as possible.
  • EPA approved cleaning and disinfecting agents that kill the COVID-19 virus are used throughout the property.
  • When reporting to work, associates will receive a wellness check.
  • Face masks for any guest-facing hotel associates are currently considered part of our associates’ uniforms, with exceptions made for associates’ well-being while working outdoors. Gloves will be worn by associates completing specific job functions. Fully-vaccinated employees are not required to wear a mask.

Masks & Hand Sanitizers

Attendees will not be required to wear face masks during the conference. However, attendees are encouraged to wear face masks if this makes them more comfortable. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available, or you can bring your own.

Temperature Screenings

Temperature screenings will not be administered. However, MBA highly recommends attendees not enter the conference room if they are not feeling well.


There will be health, hygiene and social distancing reminders throughout MBA event space, with reminders to wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Hand sanitizer will be at each place setting during general sessions. Sanitization stations are available throughout public spaces. 

Seating Arrangements

During the general sessions, attendees will be seated one person per 6’ table. Meal functions will be four people per round. In the event we have a beautiful cool day, lunch will be held at Margaritaville’s outdoor patio. 

Other Notes

In the event there are changes because of COVID-19 restrictions, this conference will pivot to a virtual platform. 

We are preparing daily for the upcoming event, a conference you will be able to attend with confidence. Margaritaville is the perfect venue for this time and place. If you have questions for the hotel, feel free to contact its staff at 573-348-3131. With its spacious layout and remote location, you will find it to be a refreshing and renewing four days.