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2022 MBA Sponsorship & Trade Show GuideIncrease your organization’s exposure, heighten your brand recognition and drive sales by claiming your sponsorship or exhibit space at one of our many events the Missouri Bankers Association has to offer.

Each opportunity is designed to help your corporate message reach attendees. This opportunity with MBA brings you a multitude of ways to promote your products and services to our member banks. Where else can you find so many potential customers in one place? Let’s discuss your goals and objectives and work to design the best sponsorship package for your needs.

2022 MBA Event Sponsorship and Trade Show Opportunities

Premier Events

  • MBA's 132nd Annual Convention & Trade Show
  • Executive Management Conference

Specialized Conferences

  • Bank Finance & Accounting Conference
  • Bank Directors Symposium
  • Technology Conference
  • Women Bankers Conference
  • Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Conference
  • Compliance Conference
  • Young Bankers Leadership Conference

 Seminars and Workshops

  • Ag Seminar
  • Cannabis
  • IRA Seminars
  • Lending Compliance
  • Operations Compliance
  • Security Seminars
  • Regional Meetings
  • Other Seminars TBD

Premier Events

MBA's 132nd Annual Convention & Trade Show

June 8–10, 2022 | Hilton Landing–Branson
MBA’s annual convention brings together executive leadership from banks across Missouri at a high–end resort location for three days of education, collaboration and networking. The agenda is filled with keynotes delivered by industry thought-leaders, many of whom are sponsored by a vendor. The trade show is one of our largest, and we work closely with our vendors to develop creative methods that will drive attendee engagement. Convention also includes a major golf outing with ample opportunity for sponsors and attendees to connect during a day on the course.

  • Audience: CEOs, senior managers and directors, spouses/guests/families welcome
  • Anticipated Attendance: 250 bankers, 150 vendors/spouses/guests
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
Executive Management Conference
December 7–9, 2022 | The InterContinental Hotel, Kansas City
MBA’s Executive Management Conference is a premier event hosted during the holiday season at a top–end hotel in one of Missouri’s largest cities. We invite executive leaders from all of our member banks to celebrate the year that has passed and to engage in discussions about the year ahead. Attendees refer to this as our most intimate executive-level conference, with ample opportunities for networking. Although trade show space is extremely limited, there are numerous opportunities for vendors to take part in this festive event.

  • Audience: CEOs, senior managers and directors
  • Anticipated Attendance: 200 bankers, 18 vendors/spouses and guests
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.

Specialized Conferences

Bank Finance & Accounting Conference

March 15-16, 2022 | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach
The purpose of the conference is to share tools and techniques that help finance professionals respond to the constant changes and challenges in the finance and accounting functions.

  • Audience: This conference is specifically targeted for finance and accounting personnel, including CFOs, controllers, accountants, etc.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 200
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
Bank Directors Symposium

April 14-15, 2022 | Loews Hotel, Kansas City
Banking is about relationships. Although this remains a fundamental tenet of our industry, the manner in which bankers deliver on providing products and services for their customers is constantly evolving. This symposium delves into emerging issues facing the banking community. The topics presented will help bank directors enhance their knowledge and expertise so they can fulfill their responsibilities to ensure their banks continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.

  • Audience: CEOs, senior managers and directors; spouses/guests/families welcome
  • Anticipated Attendance: 75–100 bankers and directors
Technology Conference

April 20-22, 2022 | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach
Designed for both bank management and IT professionals, this program focuses on the latest technology trends affecting the banking industry.

  • Audience: The conference is targeted toward a bank’s “technology team.” Senior managers, technology managers, operations personnel and anyone with responsibilities in bank technology are encouraged to attend.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 125
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
Women Bankers Conference

August 9-10, 2022 | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach
This conference features speakers and topics relating to the professional development of women bankers.

  • Audience: Women bankers in roles across the bank, including executive level and mid-management
  • Anticipated Attendance: 150
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
BSA/AML Conference

September 20-21, 2022 | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach
Examiners and industry experts will discuss their approaches to compliance in the current environment and look at the implications of ongoing changes. Conference sessions focus on tangible and practical solutions, giving attendees specific advice, examples, tools and best practices to apply at their bank.

  • Audience: BSA/AML officers, compliance officers, fraud team members and auditors
  • Anticipated Attendance: 150
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
Compliance Conference

September 21-23, 2022 | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach
The compliance conference is designed for bankers who must ensure their bank’s compliance with federal and state laws and regulations affecting the operations function.

  • Audience: Compliance officers, COOs and other compliance staff
  • Anticipated Attendance: 175
  • Exhibit: Please contact Lauren Luebbert for more information.
Young Bankers Leadership Conference

October 6-7, 2022 | Marriott Country Club Plaza, Kansas City
This conference is the key engagement point for MBA’s Young Bankers Leadership Division. Comprised of more than 2,000 bankers, the Leadership Division hosts this annual conference for emerging bank leaders in a metro area.

  • Audience: This conference is designed for young, motivated bankers identified as future key leaders at their banks. Functional positions include almost every area of the bank, but the vast majority of attendees are on management paths.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 150

Seminars and Workshops

Agriculture Seminar

The annual agriculture seminar(s) address the most pressing issues in ag banking, including economics, crop and livestock trends, land pricing, etc.

  • Audience: This conference draws ag lenders and banks from across the state.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 75

This seminar addresses cannabis banking, with specific focus on industry growth in Missouri and practices for banks interested in engaging in cannabis banking.

  • Audience: This seminar is relevant to senior managers, commercial banks, ag bankers and compliance personnel.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 100
IRA Seminars

These seminars are IRA-specific but range from basic to advanced for participants.

  • Audience: IRA personnel in banks
  • Anticipated Attendance: 100
Lending Compliance

The Lending Compliance Workshop focuses on critical state and federal compliance topics for Missouri lenders.

  • Audience: Lenders and compliance officers
  • Anticipated Attendance: 120
Operations Compliance

The Operations Compliance Workshop focuses on state and federal compliance topics for bank operations.

  • Audience: Operational personnel and compliance officers
  • Anticipated Attendance: 120
Security Seminar

This seminar delivers required annual physical security training, as well as hot topics in bank security (e.g. cybersecurity, etc.).

  • Audience: The seminar is designed for bank security officers, managers and key bank operational staff.
  • Anticipated Attendance: 50
Regional Meetings

The regional meetings will deliver state and federal legislative overviews, new legislative issues and current critical issues facing the banking industry.

  • Audience: All members of the bank are encouraged to attend.
Other Seminars TBD

Other seminars will be introduced throughout the year by MBA, so please stay engaged with us through our Getting the Most of Your Membership Calls and e-communications!

For More Information

To learn more about sponsorships, please contact Rachael Preston at 573-636-8151. 
To learn more about trade shows, please contact Lauren Luebbert at 573-636-8151.