Showcasing The Benefits Of Our Industry

As you read this, many communities in Missouri will have hosted numerous tourists from around the world as they witnessed the 2017 solar eclipse Aug. 21. This natural phenomenon captured the attention of many, and it provided an opportunity for Missourians to showcase the best of its hometowns.

Likewise, bankers also are taking time this month to showcase the numerous benefits of community banks to the public and legislators.  In St. Louis, digital ads touting banks’ role in creating jobs and growth and in protecting customers’ money have been running in various locations throughout the city. These ads are part of the “America’s Banks” ad campaign from the American Bankers Association that focuses on the important role banks play in their communities and the economy. These ads have been running in Washington, D.C., since the campaign’s launch in 2016, and this is the first time the ads are running outside our nation’s capital. 

All ads point readers to, a special website that spotlights the many ways banks help people and places grow. I encourage you to visit this website and use the materials from ABA to share how banks of all sizes are helping America thrive by delivering jobs, growth, safety and convenience.
Another avenue bankers are using to showcase their benefits to their communities involves our federal representatives and senators. Because it’s the August recess in D.C., many banks are hosting “Take Your Lawmaker to Work.” This event allows representatives and senators
to spend a “day in the life” of a banker as they experience firsthand the daily operations of the bank. In doing so, lawmakers meet the customers your banks serve and see the value your banks bring to your communities. This creates a level of familiarity that will help lawmakers understand just how vital your banks are to the local economy. 

Now, I understand schedules sometimes do not work to host these visits in August, and that’s OK. If you have the opportunity to host a congressional member at another time, do it! We cannot afford passing up a chance to share why we need their support on regulatory relief,
especially Sens. Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill. We need to impress upon them that their leadership is crucial in bringing debate on financial reform to the Senate floor this year. That’s the message we’ll be sharing and discussing with Sens. Blunt and McCaskill when we meet with them next month during MBA’s Washington visit. Hopefully, our discussions will spur action in the Senate that result in the passage of regulatory reform for the banking industry.

And, thanks to the bankers who participated in this year’s regional meetings. Our meetings began in mid-August and wrap up later this month. I enjoyed visiting with each of you and discussing what lies ahead in the 2018 legislative session at both the state and federal level. If you have questions about items discussed in the meetings, please give me a call. 

August brought much attention to our state. As the month draws to a close, let’s use this momentum to highlight the numerous benefits banking brings to our communities and nation.