MBA Encourages Bankers To Support Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

For the last several days, our attention has been fixated on Texas and the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Harvey. The unprecedented flooding from the storm forced thousands to flee their homes, and it is unknown how long recovery efforts will take for this “1,000-year flood.”

The images of destruction to homes and Texas communities are reminders of a similar situation Missourians faced with the Joplin tornado in May 2011. Banks and their employers from throughout the nation came to the aid of Joplin residents to help them in their recovery efforts. This time, however, it’s families in Texas who need our help.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

MBA is donating $10,000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by the Texas Bankers Association and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas. Donations will support relief efforts for the thousands of people displaced and harmed by the storm, including bank employees and their families. 

Banks and their employees can make a personal or corporate donation to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Contributions to the fund are tax-exempt, and donations can be made by check or credit card. TBA and IBAT are absorbing all credit processing fees so that 100 percent of the funds can go directly to those in need, and they will determine fund distribution based on need.

Like Missourians, Texans are resilient. Hurricane Harvey has damaged their communities, but it has not broken their spirit. Your donation will help Texans in rebuilding their communities.
Donations by Credit Card
TBA is accepting online donations. Please notify MBA if making a donation online so we can include these amounts with our collection efforts. 

Donations by Check
MBA will send all donations made by check to TBA. Please send this completed form and check payable to Texas Bankers Foundation to MBA by Wednesday, Sept. 13.
Missouri Bankers Association, PO Box 57, Jefferson City, MO 65102 

For More Information
Contact Jocelyn Carby at TBA at 512-472-8388.