2019 IRA School

Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 10-12 - Columbia

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About the School

It's Time To Go To School ... IRA School!
  • IRA changes are coming soon.
  • Maintenance of IRAs are at an all-time high.
  • People are retiring in record numbers, which means the use of IRAs plus RMD distributions are increasing, too.
  • More people are dying while holding IRAs than ever before.
  • HSAs are growing in popularity, which also present problems.
Top Consulting Questions ... All To Be Answered At The IRA School
  • How are IRA transfers and rollovers handled and documented versus QP rollovers?
  • What is the difference between regular QRP money versus Roth QRP money?
  • How is everything associated with a deceased’s account handled from beneficiaries, RMDs, election options, forms and reporting issues?
  • How does a person use a trust as a beneficiary?
  • What is the eligibility for an HSA accountholder, especially when 65 or older?
Top Compliance Issues ... All To Be Discussed At The IRA School!
  • improper completion of financial projection page
  • differences and procedures for a transfer versus a rollover or a rollover and a direct rollover
  • year of death reporting — deceased accountholder and beneficiary(s)
  • setting up and properly completing distribution forms from an inherited IRA
  • proper documentation — death, divorce, trusts
  • proper completion of contribution forms so 5498s can be prepared correctly
  • proper completion of distribution forms so 1099s can be prepared correctly


IRAs continue to be an essential part of a person’s retirement planning. It is always changing, and more changes are expected in the near future.

Why Attend the School

You could attend as many one-day seminars as you want, and they will not equal what is covered in this three-day IRA School.

  • This is the most comprehensive IRA course offered.
  • Learn new rule changes and reinforce existing IRA rules.
  • Learn what it means to be in or out of compliance.
  • Explore all topics in-depth.
  • Ask questions, share with peers and hear real-case problems.

Who Should Attend

  • New IRA Staff: quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way to train new staff in IRAs and HSAs
  • Experienced Staff: thorough, comprehensive program covers new and current materials and transactions that do not occur all the time
  • Special Invitation: compliance officers and internal auditors as they manage the IRA department but are not always directly involved with the day-to-day of IRAs; this program provides a much better understanding of how IRAs work and the importance of following compliance issues
  • You may have attended previous IRA schools, but you will still benefit from attending this school because of the many changes in retirement programs, the complexity of IRAs, the quantity of information and reinforcement of existing rules and procedures.


  • overview of IRAs
  • procedures to establish IRAs
  • plan agreement changes
  • IRA amendment update
  • setting up and organizing your files (self-audit)
  • contribution rules
  • tax benefits
  • bankruptcy bill
  • saver’s tax credit
  • administering distributions: before and after age 59½
  • FDIC IRA and Inherited IRAs 
  • substantially equal periodic payments 
  • transfers, rollovers and direct rollovers 
  • recharacterizations (changed January 1, 2018)
  • excess contributions (additional emphasis)
  • taxation of distributions from the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA
  • IRA tax losses
  • RMD rules for accountholders and beneficiaries 
  • conversions (changed January 1, 2018) 
  • reconversions
  • IRS reporting:1099-R and 5498
  • procedure to correct previous year’s forms 1099R and 5498
  • SEP-IRAs
  • HSAs
  • marketing opportunities for IRAs

New or Proposed Changes

New in 2016

  • 60-day exceptions self-certification
  • SIMPLE-IRA changes
  • changes in IRS reporting penalties
  • changes to 59½ exceptions
New in 2017

  • changes to the reporting on 5498 and 1099-R
Current Proposals

  • allowing 60-day rollover of inherited IRAs
  • changing all life expectancy tables
  • contribute into a traditional IRA after age 70½
  • changing RMD age from 70½ to 73
  • no mandatory RMD if balance is under $50,000

About the Instructors

After teaching sales and marketing for 14 years at a community college, Mike Nelson started his own training company where he conducted insurance, real estate and securities training seminars. He currently develops financial training services for financial institutions nationwide. Nelson has taught MBA programs for more than 16 years.

For More Information

Contact the MBA Education Department at 573-636-8151 or email.

Date and Location

Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 10-12
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
2601 S. Providence Road
Columbia, MO 65203

Hotel Information

All classes are held at Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center. Tuition does not include housing. Students are responsible for securing their own housing.

A block of rooms has been reserved for the MBA IRA School at Stoney Creek, and school participants should contact Stoney Creek directly for hotel reservations. 

A special group rate of $94 plus tax, per room, per day, single or double occupancy is available. Be sure to state you are attending the Missouri Bankers Association IRA School. The block of rooms is reserved for this school until Friday, Aug. 9. The availability of rooms cannot be guaranteed after this date. Early reservations are encouraged.

Daily Schedule

8:15 a.m.  Welcome and Introduction (Day 1) 
8:30 a.m.  Session Begins 
Noon  Lunch (provided) 
1 p.m.  Session Resumes 
4:45 p.m.  Session Ends 

Materials for the School

Please bring these materials to the school; they will be part of the instruction.
  1. IRA vendor forms
  2. plan agreement
  3. contribution form
  4. distribution form
  5. transfer request
  6. direct rollover request
  7. rollover certification
  8. 70½ election form
  9. waiver form
  10. beneficiary plan agreement
  11. beneficiary elections
  12. beneficiary contribution
  13. beneficiary distribution form

Registration Fees

Payment must accompany the registration form application. The fee includes all instruction, supplemental materials, lunches and refreshment breaks.

  • MBA Members - $825 per person
  • Nonmember Fee - $3,300 per person

The cost of meals included in this registration fee for this meeting is $31 per person, per day. This information is provided for your bank's tax records, in keeping with the IRS 50 percent deductible provisions under Section 274(n) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Any registrant withdrawing by written request before Friday, Aug. 23, will receive a full refund. Registrants withdrawing between Aug. 23 and Aug. 30 will receive a refund, minus $100 cancellation fee. Registrants withdrawing on or after Sept. 2 will forfeit the entire enrollment fee.

Dress Attire

Casual wear is recommended for all sessions. Layered clothing is recommended for your comfort.


If you have any disabilities that require special assistance, please attach a brief letter explaining how we may best accommodate your needs or contact Cindy Foltz at MBA at 573-636-8151.