Our Two Cents with MBA

woman ipad earbudsThe "Our Two Cents with MBA" podcast is a forum that explores topics that are relevant and interesting to bankers. MBA's podcast will feature fun, engaging conversations that help you stay ahead of what's happening in banking.

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Summary of Latest Episode

The latest Our Two Cents with MBA podcast episode previews the MBA School of Bank Management, which will be held June 13-18 in Columbia. The school was one of the last in-person events hosted by MBA before the pandemic, and we are excited to bring a new class together for 2021. Mike Wasson and Adam Trower, seasoned bankers and faculty members at the school, join us to discuss the value of in-person schools, how the school is evolving  and why students should be excited about the chance to take part this year. Make sure you join us for the 2021 School of Bank Management!