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woman ipad earbudsThe "Our Two Cents with MBA" podcast is a forum that explores topics that are relevant and interesting to bankers. MBA's podcast will feature fun, engaging conversations that help you stay ahead of what's happening in banking.

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Summary of Latest Episode

In this latest episode of Our Two Cents with MBA, we dive deeply into one story that exemplifies partnerships between fintech firms and banks. MANTL, a MBA associate member and fintech firm specializing in account opening software, partnered with Midwest BankCentre to develop an online bank called Rising Bank. Instead of simply creating a new method for customers to create accounts, the two companies focused deeply on creating a compelling, simple and seamless customer experience. The results have been stronger than either predicted. Lori Bruce, MBA director of communications, interviewed representatives from Midwest BankCentre - Dale Oberkfell, president and CFO, and Erin Erhart, EVP of bank operations - and Nathaniel Harley, CEO of MANTL, to gain insight into this partnership and what it represents for banks considering fintech partnerships across the state.