Editor's Note: This article is from the March 2016 issue of The Missouri Banker. Click here for information about the Teach Children To Save 2017 Challenge.

Win $250 For Teaching Children To Save Money

Your bank could win $250 for a local school — but only if your bank completes the Teach Children To Save 2016 Challenge from the MBA Young Bankers Leadership Division!

To celebrate National Financial Literacy Month in April, bankers throughout Missouri will teach basic savings principles to students in their communities. Bankers who post their Teach Children To Save activities on their banks’ Facebook or Twitter accounts and tag the Missouri Bankers Association will automatically be entered into a drawing to win four $250 prizes from the MBA Foundation.

“The $250 will be given to a local school or community youth organization chosen by the bank,” said Robin Rees, marketing director for OakStar Bank in Springfield. “And, because banks have the option to match or contribute to this gift, a school could receive as much as $500.”
Rees, the financial literacy chair for the MBA Young Bankers Leadership Division, had taught Teach Children To Save activities for the past 10 years to first grade students. 

“Because the curriculum I use is geared toward this age group, I tend to focus on reaching first graders,” Rees said. “Plus, I’m reaching new students each year.”

Reese recommends using materials and resources that have already been developed for smooth, easy presentations. For her lessons, Rees sticks with 20-minute segments fi lled with “high energy” to keep students interested. One of her most popular lessons on teaching savings is “The Money Song.”

“I wrote this song about money, and the kids love it,” Rees said. “Some already know the song from an older brother or sister who already had the class.”

Another option that excites students is a freebie. Rees recommends giving each student a “prize” with the bank’s logo, as well as a nicer gift with the logo for the teacher.

“Teachers are always looking for opportunities for community members to share lessons with their classes,” Rees said. “Reach out to them about visiting their classrooms.”

In the classroom, Rees suggests bankers “buddy up” for presentations. One can present the material, and the other can snap photos of the presentation, share giveaways and assist as needed. Rees said bankers need to check with schools about their policies on photographing students and sharing those photos. 

“If you can’t show faces, you can still be creative with photos,” Rees said. “You can snap a photo of the presentation showing the banker and the backs of the students’ heads. I’ve also taken photos of a child’s hand as they complete a coloring sheet.”

The Teach Children To Save 2016 Challenge is open to all MBA-member banks. The 2016 goal is for a 16 percent increase in bank participation. The contest begins Friday, April 1, and ends Friday, April 29. Photos must be posted on the banks’ Facebook or Twitter accounts, as well as tagging MBA, by 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 2. Only presentations to students in grades one through eight are eligible for the contest.

For more information, contact Rachael Preston, MBA director of marketing and membership development.


published March 2016