Lena Mae Foster, 50 Year Club, 2018Lena Mae Foster

Legends Bank, Linn

Lena Mae Foster began her banking career with Central Bank in 1968 and joined Linn State Bank (now Legends Bank) in 1971. Throughout her 50-year banking career, Lena Mae has seen many changes in technology. When she started, all transactions were posted by hand. A few years later, new technology introduced the first proof machine that automated the process. Technology advanced again, bringing with it the age of imaging and character recognition systems.

“Now the machines are able to recognize and interpret handwriting,” Lena Mae said. “It’s amazing how far technology has come from the days of manually keeping track of customers’ accounts by hand.” 

Lena Mae enjoys running the proof systems. She also works in bookkeeping and interacts with customers at the teller line and on the phone. Some of the things Lena Mae enjoys most about her job are her co-workers and interacting with customers.

Lena Mae enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, shopping and watching television. She has three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Lena Mae attributes her longevity in the field of banking …

the  opportunity to work in a career she enjoys and the chance to work in various positions within the bank. With the changes in technology, your knowledge grows, and you have a sense of achievement.

Lena Mae’s favorite part of working for the banking industry for 50 years has been …

working in a small town bank close to home and providing customer service every day to friends and neighbors.

Lena Mae’s philosophy about banking in general is …

to keep banking technology current so customers have new personal banking options.

Lena Mae’s heartwarming story about a bank customer is …

at Legend Banks’ recent 105th anniversary celebration, it was heartwarming to see customers dropping by the bank to celebrate.

Lena Mae’s advice to a young professional just entering the banking business is …

enjoy your work, do your best and be kind to everyone.