Don Reynolds, 50 Year Club, 2018Don Reynolds

Regional Missouri Bank, Marceline

Don Reynolds grew up on a farm near Holden and graduated from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, majoring in agriculture and business administration. He’s a graduate of the School of Banking of the South, a graduate level banking school at Louisiana State University.

After college graduation in 1963, Don joined the U.S. Air Force. Upon completing his tour of duty, Don worked in the product testing department at John Deere in Dubuque, Iowa. He decided he had not seen enough of the world and was not ready to settle down, so he became a “Missionary Journeyman” — a two-year program from the Baptist church for young college graduates. As a journeyman, Don worked at a mission hospital compound in northern Ghana. His duties there were agricultural instruction and general handyman.

In Ghana, Don met his future wife, Anneliese, who was working as a nurse at the mission hospital. Don and Anneliese were married several months after finishing their missions in Ghana. Upon returning to the United States, Don observed his brother, Gary, working for Citizens State Bank in Nevada and was able to sit in on a loan committee meeting. Soon after, he began his banking career at Rosedale State Bank in Kansas City, Kansas, at a salary somewhat less than half of what John Deere was offering him to return to work there.

After two years in Kansas City, Don joined Commerce Bank of Kirksville, where he advanced to vice president and cashier. In 1977, Don accepted the job as president of Salisbury Savings Bank, now US Bank. Don and other area business owners purchased Regional Missouri Bank in 1990. The bank has enjoyed above average growth for north Missouri, growing from $15 million deposits and $8 million in loans, half of which were either in Houston, Texas, or in Kansas City, to $235 million assets with $185 million in loans, all with local connections.

Don has served two terms on MBA’s Board of Directors, as well as numerous committees. Don’s wife, Anneliese, passed away in 2014. He has since married Deanna. Between them, they have five children and 10 grandchildren. He and Deanna travel extensively.

Don attributes his longevity in the field of banking to …

stubbornness and determination.

Don’s philosophy about banking in general is …

employ the Golden Rule — it helps both parties.

Don’s advice to a young professional just entering the banking industry is …

work for someone who is willing to assist you in becoming educated and advancing in the field. Then, do all you can to prove that their expense and effort on your behalf was, and is, a good investment.