Brenda Snider, 50 Year Club, 2018Brenda Snider

Retail Banking Officer, Benefits Banking Program Specialist
Commerce Bank, Springfield

Brenda Snider, a native of Springfield, retires from Commerce Bank with 50 combined years of service, fond memories and lasting friendships.

Brenda started her career in the collection department, processing incoming and outgoing collection items. She transitioned to human resources benefits administrator until 1996, when she became the senior partners event coordinator. In this role, Brenda coordinated travel activities with Commerce Bank customers throughout the United States and abroad, and she hosted local bank customer activities.

Brenda was promoted in 2011 to retail banking officer, benefits banking specialist. Through hosting events and promoting the bank, its employees, products, services and reputation, Brenda’s primary focus was to gain banking relationships and provide a high level of customer service.

Brenda and her husband, Larry, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

Brenda attributes her longevity in the field of banking …

the people she has worked with at Commerce Bank. Their flexibility and encouragement allowed Brenda to put family first, and they had faith that she would always get the job done. The ever-changing environment always challenged Brenda to learn new things and to achieve more than was expected.

Brenda’s philosophy about banking in general is …

to always put the customers’ needs first. If you do the right thing for the customer, positive results will benefit both the customer and the bank.

A funny or heartwarming story about a bank customer is …

on Brenda’s first Senior Partner tour to Branson, a woman became ill. When Brenda asked if she could do anything for her, the woman put her dentures in Brenda’s hand. That was not the last time that happened.

Brenda’s advice to a young professional just entering the banking business is …

to be flexible and don’t miss an opportunity to learn everything you can. Volunteer with your team members and get to know them personally. Never be afraid to try new things — that one new thing could open doors you never thought possible.